Save those Classic Pixels from transparency and defeat the evil Oculus. You will become a Grand Master of Pixel Art while playing this game.

Pixel your way through the golden ages of historic video games from the 70s to the 90s.

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Updated 12 days ago
StatusIn development
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Arcade, artgame, paint, Pixel Art, Retro
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen, Smartphone


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Battle mode is almost literally impossible at battle 3 and 4. Other wise an absolutely awesome game, I've drawn every character except for the characters on the last two levels as I cannot unlock them.

Ok i will try to make it easier.

Always try to upgrade as early as possible by matching 4 or more in a row. Upgraded characters do more damage. Also try to get combos for multi damage. Some characters have special abilities like destroying the characters left or right, moving left or right or up etc.

I've just added the battle mode, more characters to unlock and music for each game.

Let me know if battles are too hard.

Also, after leaving that comment, all my progress was lost :(

Really hope there will be a save feature eventually

I really wish there was a save feature...also, I've finished all the sprites with 3 stars on all. Is something supposedto happen yet or is it still in development-? Overtime i click on a lock Oculus just says the "you'll never defeat me" thing, but I can't progre

Im working on the battle mode it will come with the next update

Wich browser are you using? Data should be stored by the browser.

Alright, as someone who has played through everything available to me thus far, the only issues I have with it is the zoom tool doesn't always show what part of the character I'm looking at on the main screen so I have to wiggle it around a bit to figure out what I'm trying to do, the blinking tutorial that doesn't go away on each level unless i specifically click and drag over top of one of them, and the purple background that was on some of the levels made it hard to see the gridlines. Other than that the gameplay is highly addictive, the idea is creative and fun, and as a design student I'm loving the idea of painting sprites, to a point where I almost want to set out making my own. I don't overly fault the game for it's few faults simply because I know it's still in development.

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Thanks for the feedback, always welcome. I have just uploaded a new version that addresses some of the zoom tool issues.
Development help is always welcome, too :)

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Thanks for the feedback, here is a review

As a pixel artist, I'm actually learning a lot from recreating these iconic sprites. Very useful and interesting! Thanks!

good game

This is still under development, please let me know your feedback.